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Tribes with Flags on the Kindle


'Tribes With Flags' is the gripping story of Charles Glass's dramatic journey through Greater Syria which provides background context to a troubled region once again in the headlines.

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Americans in Paris
by Charles Glass


Americans in Paris tells for the first time the true story of the thousands of Americans who stayed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. This tale of adventure, intrigue, passion and deceit exposes the lives of Americans caught up in war from the day the German army marched into Paris in June 1940 and took many of them into the Paris underground, the Maquis and the concentration camps.

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The Northern Front
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: The Northern Front

The Northern Front is an eyewitness account of the Iraqi opposition's preparations for the American invasion, the Kurdish planning in northern Iraq and the early stages of the war when some of the opposition moved to the south.

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The Tribes Triumphant
by Charles Glass


The Tribes Triumphant completes the story of Charles Glass' earlier Middle East adventure, Tribes With Flags, after his kidnapping by Hizballah in Lebanon.

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Tribes With Flags
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Tribes With Flags

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Money For Old Rope
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Money For Old Rope

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Syria Burning
ISIS and the Death of the Arab Spring

syriaburning.jpg Since its commencement in the upsurge of the Arab Spring in 2011, the Syrian civil war has claimed in excess of 200,000 lives, with an estimated 8 million Syrians, more than a third of the country's population, forced to flee their homes. A stalemate now exists in the country with the government of Bashar al-Assad maintaining its grip on most of the cities in the west, while large swathes of the countryside in the north and east are under the control of the Islamic fundamentalist groups ISIS and the Nusra Front. The Caliphate announced by ISIS in the summer of 2014 occupies some 35% of the country, as well as vast territory across the border in Iraq.

The nuances of this conflict have never been well-understood in the West, least of all, it seems, by governments in the US and Europe, who, anticipating Assad's sudden departure, made it a condition of any negotiated settlement. The consequences of that miscalculation, Charles Glass contends in this illuminating and concise survey, have contributed greatly to the unfolding disaster that we witness today.

Glass has reported extensively from the Middle East, and travelled frequently in Syria, over several decades. Here he melds together reportage, analysis and history to provide an accessible overview of the origins and permutations defining the conflict, situating it clearly in the overall crisis of the region. His voice, elegant and concise, humane and richly-informed, is a vital antidote to the sloganizing that shapes so much commentary, and policy, concerning the civil war.

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latest articles

Once it was anarchists throwing bombs ... little really changes
The National 
Twenty years ago, he would have become a militant anarchist, and you'd have found him throwing a bomb in a capital city somewhere. But that's no longer the fashion. Georges Simenon, A Man's Head, 1931 In the mid-1970s, Americans searching for missing children sometimes found their way to my office in Beirut. Having tried the American embassy without success, the...

In the Syria we don't know
The New York Review of Books 
A young woman in Damascus produced a smart phone from her handbag and asked, "May I show you something?" The phone's screen displayed a sequence of images. The first was a family photograph of a sparsely bearded young man in his twenties. Beside him were two boys, who appeared to be five and six, in T-shirts. The young man and...

Without peace in Syria, the beheadings will not stop
The Sunday Telegraph 
The militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (Isil) have murdered another western captive, Alan Henning. Henning, like his fellow humanitarian worker David Haines, had gone to Syria out of compassion for its people in the midst of a vicious civil war. His sympathy and bravery did not matter to Isil anymore than the pleas for mercy by the Henning and...

I was John Wayne's driver
The Spectator 
Review of John Wayne: The Life and Legend by Scott Eyman Simon & Schuster, pp.512, £25, ISBN: 978439199589...

Rogue Males
Times Literary Supplement 
Review of AMERICA'S GREAT GAME The CIA's secret Arabists and the shaping of the modern Middle East by Hugh Wilford Basic Books. £19.99. 978 0 465 01965 6...

Speech delivered by Charles Glass at the Chalke Valley History Festival
A terrible war has been taking place in Syria since 2011, It is a contemporary struggle, but this is a history festival. So, a little history. First a story. During the Cold War, a joke was circulating in Damascus. Pollsters were asking people around the world for their answer to the question, "What is your opinion of eating meat?" In...

Deserters need compassion, not condemnation
The Times 
Even if Bowe Bergdahl was disillusioned with the Afghan war, he was a casualty, not a coward At dawn on April 6, 1943, along the North African battlefront at Wadi Akarit, a young British soldier named John Bain watched a unit of Seaforth Highlanders pass through his lines on their way to fight German troops on the ridge above. On...

Syria: On the Way to Genocide?
The New York Review of Books 
The commander is thirty-six years old. A few strands of white in his dark, curly hair make him seem older, as do his words. He points to six young men, posed like football players in a team photograph on a wall of his forward command post, and says, "Two are martyrs, two are prisoners, and two are still working." By...

'Stop the blood': Years of war drain once-passionate Syrians aiming to topple Assad
NBC News 
DAMASCUS, Syria - In 2011, Syrian activists were inspired and believed they were capable of ousting President Bashar Assad. Now, after living through two and half years of violent war, many are exhausted and discouraged....

NPR's Fresh Air talks to Charles Glass about The Deserters
Few citizens are more honored than military veterans, and there's particular reverence for those who defeated the Nazis in World War II. Like any war, however, World War II was complicated and traumatic for those on the ground, and not a few deserted from the front lines....

What are your chances if you're a Syrian citizen now?
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
This is a bad time to be a Syrian. Will the two sides tearing your country apart meet in Geneva to end the war? Is either side deploying chemical weapons? Is anyone willing to give up the baby before Solomon's sword falls?...

The silence on Syria
In a candid interview, Laura Hughes talks to journalist Charles Glass about Syria and the silence eminating from the world powers...

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